The Missionary Movement “Jesus in Thy Neighbour” is an official NGO (VO/0140) that was founded in Gozo (dependency of Malta) by Monsignor George Grima on 3rd December 1987.

It was approved by the Bishop of Gozo, Monsignor Nikol Cauchi, on 30th October 1992. The aim of the movement has been to give a better life to so many children living on the streets of Brazil, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Most children supported by the Missionary Movement are under the age of 12. Currently, the Missionary Movement is running nearly 200 projects in Brazil, Ethiopia and Kenya.

For more than 30 years, the foundation remains living by the very same mantra that formed its cornerstone, providing:

  • Food to the hungry;
  • Water to the thirsty;
  • Medicine to the sick;
  • Education for all;
  • Shelter to the homeless

The socio-developmental activities of the Moviment is to reach and fill in the gaps in places where the government couldn’t reach and to benefit the poor and needy with basic developmental support, regardless of their religious, cultural, ethnic and political backgrounds.